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tingugnA human voice.Maluuy in tingug niya.Her voice is melodious.vact mag-, -um-.To sound like (someone's voice).Bang in usug ini kumalang mataas magtingug siya biya' babai.When this man sings at a high pitch he sounds like a woman.ptkatingug2katingug2der.nA sound.
tiyan1nStomach, belly.Mangi' da isab bang malaggu' in tiyan ta.It's bad if our stomach is big.6lawm-tiyan2comp.n1A disorder of the abdomen.2The womb.
tikud-tikudnHeel.6Marayaw pa muti' in bukug ayaw sin tikud-tikud.say.Never run away from a fight (lit. It's better to see a bone [from a wound] than to see heels [in running away]).
talanghatiunspec. var.tallanghatinMagical power (given by a tawal) that enables (someone) to learn easily.In talanghati niya yan landu' nakatabang kaniya.His magical power to learn has really been of help to him.adjmatalanghatiHaving ability to learn easily.In anak mu usug landu' matalanghati.Your son indeed has the ability to learn easily.panalanghati2der.adj(Of water) having the power to help (someone) learn (things).
*tulak21vCV 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat hi-.To push (something heavy).Tulakan in bangka' yan.Push the boat (out from the shore).ptsigaysimay panulak bala'2der.1nA ceremony of cleansing.2vTo refuse, decline to accept, reject, turn down (an offer, opportunity, help or aid, etc.).Ayaw mu tulakan in ridjiki' mu.Don't reject your opportunity.Tiyulak niya in tabang namu'.He turned down our help.
tawbatnContrition, earnest repentance.In tawbat minsan di' hipamung kaingatan da sin Tuhan.God knows about a person's repentance even if it isn't spoken.vag mag-, -um-; goal pag--an.To atone for (sins or wrongdoing) by asking forgiveness, repent, do penance.Subay kaw magtawbat sin dusa mu ha di' pa mugtu' in napas mu.You should ask forgiveness for your sins while you are still alive.ptsusun1 sugsug tawbat2comp.A ritual to solve a misunderstanding between members of a family.
*tula'vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To boil (fish, seafood, poultry, or meat with some seasoning in water).Ayaw pataura in kamatis bang kaw magtula'.Don't add too many tomatoes when you make fish soup.ntiyula'A soup made by boiling any of these in water.Maasin tuud in tiyula' mu.Your soup is very*palam paksiyu tiyula' sapi'comp.Beef soup.
tumpi'vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To wrap (grated cassava in banana leaves).Siya in magtumpi' sin panggi'.She'll wrap the grated cassava.tiyumpi'2der.nGrated cassava wrapped in banana leaves.
ta1pronSpeaker-hearer sing. non-focused subject and possessor pron., we (you [sing.] and I); our (my and your [sing.]).Hinangun ta in mahinang ta.We (you and I) will do what we can.Subay marayaw in kaagi ta bang kita maghinang unu-unu na.Our way (of working) should be good when we do something.2pronNon-focused 1st person subject pron. (used only when kaw or kamu is the focused item).I.Baytaan ta kaw sin kabunnalan.I will tell you the truth.
ta'partI wonder (softens the tone of a question).Hain ta' in bāy hi Bahaya dī?Where is Bahaya's house here, I wonder?
ta'bangnInsipidity, tastelessness, flatness.Sali' da in ta'bang sin tubig dī iban ha Sūg.The flatness of the water here and on Jolo is the same.adjmata'bangInsipid, tasteless (as of water).Mata'bang in tubig.Water is tasteless.
*ta'gaunspec. var.taggavag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To control, curb, restrain, restrict (one's or someone appetite, lust, desire, or impulse).Ayaw kaw magta'ga ha tau bang mabaya' na mīg.Don't restrain a person if she wants to get out.Wayruun makata'ga kāku' sin kabayaan ku hinangun.No one can restrain me from doing what I want.Ta'gahan ku siya kalu-kalu mabaya' magpabīn.I'll try to restrain her, she might want to stay.Ta'gahi in baya' mu magsiga.Curb your desire to smoke.ptpa'ganghawidlāng
ta'gu1unspec. var.taggu1adjmata'gu(Of cloth) durable, strong; (of people) strong, hardy.
ta'kisanThe day before yesterday.Ta'kisa pa siya dimatung.He already arrived the day before yesterday.ptku'nisa2
ta'pingnJaw.Masūb siya magkaun sin unud ha ta'ping sin ista'.He enjoys eating the meat on the jaw of the fish.adjta'pinganHaving a heavy prominent jaw.Ta'pingan in tau yaun.That fellow has a heavy, prominent jaw.
tā'tā'1fr. var.tadda'1nAn introductory melody played on a bamboo xylophone.
taabbil1nA book (written in Arabic) used as a guide to give and interpret meaning of a dream, season eclipse etc.This book is very rare and usu. handed from generation to another. It can be read only by a priest and those who can read Arabic.2nInterpretation, explanation (of a dream, earthquake, eclipse, etc.).vag mag-, -um-; ran -an.(For someone) to interpret the meaning (of a dream or phenomenon).Subay taabbilan marayaw in linug ha Manila.The meaning of the earthquake in Manila should be interpreted well.over-syntaawil
*taabbitvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To invite (someone to a party, meeting, feast, commencement exercises, usu. to take part in some way in the celebration).Nataabbit aku humadil sin miting kunsūm.I was invited to attend the meeting tomorrow.ptimbaytabi-abisabi
taallukvag -um-, mag-; ran -an.To bow in submission (to someone, esp. to the Sultan in olden times); surrender, yield (to someone); (for an offender) to appear before (the offended) to apologize or ask forgiveness.The offender strongly promises not to repeat the offense. If he does he will be subjected to punishment. E.g., if a husband commits an offense against his wife, he must apologize (taalluk) to her parents. If he ever repeats the offense, it is grounds for the parents-in-law to separate the couple.ptsurindiljaidlilla'
taas1nHeight, altitude, loftiness (of physical objects); height (of prices or fees, pitch of a voice, degree of education); top, upper part (of something, such as upstairs).Biya'diin in taas sin kahuy kiyahulugan sin bata'?How high was the tree from which the child fell?Butangan ha taas sin lamisahan in būk.Place the book on top of the table.Yadtu sila nagbissara ha taas.They are talking upstairs.ptlanjang haba' antbaba' viST pat mag-, -um-.(For physical objects, prices or fees, the pitch of a voice) to become high or higher.Magtataas in bayad sin iskul tahun-tahun.School fees are getting higher each year.Hisiyu-siyu in di' mabaya' pataasun in lima niya.Those who are not in favor may raise their hands.Piyataas niya in tingug niya.She raised her voice.vtran -an.To raise (the height of an object, prices or fees, the pitch of a voice).Taasan ta in lamisahan supaya matanam pagsulatan.Let's raise the table so that it will be comfortable for writing on.Subay taasan in halga' sin bugas.The price of rice should be raised.adjmataas(Of physical objects, prices or fees, pitch of a voice, degree of education) high.Mataas in halga' sin pannyagaan bihaun.The prices of commodities now are high.Mataas in pangadji' sin ama' niya.His father is highly educated.2nEminence, greatness (as of one's personality), nobility; highness (of position or office).vtpat -un.To hold (something) in high regard.Subay ta taasun in ngān sin gubnul.We should hold the name of the governor in high regard.adjmataas(Of personality) eminent, great; (of rank or position) high.Mataas in hinang niya ha upis.He's holding a high position in the office.3vag mag-. rdp.To act proudly, haughtily.Bukun marayaw in magtaas-taas iban pagkahi ta.It's not good to act proudly towards our fellowmen.
taas ataynUsu. with sin.Snobbery and aloofness, pride.In taas sin atay niya, bang tau miskin mamisita pa bāy nila, di' niya saginahun.His pride (is such) that if poor people visit their house, he doesn't welcome them.adjmataas ataySnobbish and aloof, proud.Di' aku magbagay ha tau mataas atay.I don't befriend a proud person.ptatay
taatn(One's) good works in obedience to God's law, the worship of God (according to one's religious belief [also pagtaat]).In puasa hambuuk taat sin bangsa muslimin.Fasting is one of the good works of a Muslim in obedience to God's law.Taat in hikasūd ta surga'.It is obedience to God's law that allows us to enter heaven.In pagtaat pa Tuhan kiyawajib ha mānusiya' katān.The worship of God is obligatory for all people.vag mag-, -um-; goal pag--an.To do such good works to follow God's commandments, worship God (according to one's religion).Magtaat kitaniyu katāntan, ha supaya kita kaulungan sin Tuhan.Bang kaw magtaat pa Tuhan subay agad dayn ha lawm atay mu.If you worship God it should come from your heart.Let us all do good works so that God will pity us.Pagtaat kaw pa Tuhan mu bat kaw matay ha kasannyangan.Follow the commandment of God so that you will die in peace.Subay Tuhan in pagtaatan ta.It should be God that we do good works for.ptagama over-synibādat
taawilvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To interpret (a dream, a twitch or itch of some part of the body, or speech).Maingat hi apu' maas magtaawil tagainup.Old granny knows how to interpret dreams.Tiyaawil in tagainup biyayta'.He interpreted the dream narrated.In bichara pa marayaw subay di' taawilun pa mangi'.Good advice must not be interpreted in a wrong way.vag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To give a meaning (to an unusual occurrence such as a black butterfly's flying into the house).Bang awn manuk-manuk sumūd pa lawm bāy subay pagtaawilan ha tau maingat.If a bird enters the house we should have a knowledgeable person give the meaning (of it).over-syntaabbil
taayunadjIn agreement or harmony.Bukun taayun in pikilan namu'.Our thoughts are not in harmony.vag mag-; ran -an.To come to an agreement, agree.Bang kamu di' magtaayun di' kitaniyu makalanjal tumulak.If you don't come to an agreement we can't proceed with our trip.Subay mu taayunan in bichara niya.You should agree with what he says.Papagtaayunun ku in manga tau ha pangdaig ku sin wajib magjaga bang dūm.I will have my neighbors agree that we must have a guard at night.
taba'TagalogadjStout, fat.In tau taba' makusug kumaun.A stout person eats so much.pttambuk