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nyata'1vag -um-, mag-; pat -un.To find out, verify (something); investigate (something); see about (something).Nyataun ku madtu in pasal pagkālu.I'll go there to verify the cause of the quarrel.over-synkita' vag magpa-; pat hipa-, -un.To reveal oneself (to someone); manifest, show as proof; reveal or disclose (something).Nagpanyata' in malaikat Jibril kan Nabi Muhammad.The angel Gabriel revealed himself to Prophet Muhammed.Hipanyata' da sin Tuhan in hinang mu mangi'.God will cause your wrongdoing to be manifested.Hipanyata' katān in hinang ta mangi' marayaw ha adlaw hukum.Everything will be revealed on the judgment day both good and bad.ptmanyatakan *lahil
nyawanSoul, spirit, essence of life, the life principle which comes from God and will one day return to God.All living things possess nyawa.In nyawa sin mānusiya' hambuuk da.Man has only one soul.ptnyawalihan
nyawalihannThe part of a person that leaves the body at death or when one is in a trance state or dreaming.Laung nila magpanaw in nyawalihan sin tau bang natutūg.They say that a person's spirit roams about when he is asleep.ptnyawaaluwa
nyuknyuknFineness (of the texture of cloth).antural adjmanyuknyuk(Of cloth) fine in texture, soft.Manyuknyuk in kakana' ini.This cloth is fine in texture.antural
nyungnyung2unspec. var.nungnungvag mag-; ran -an.To adore or to value (something) highly.Kanyungnyungan ku in asawa ku.I adore my wife.