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kawl-piiln(Lit. speech and actions--thus one’s) whole conduct, manner, or behavior.Mangiꞌ in kawl-piil niya.His whole behavior is bad.OV SYN.addattabiatkajariyan
kawmannCommunity, municipality, district, region, barrio.Dayn siya ha kawman Parang.He comes from Parang district.OV SYN.hulaꞌ 1.1banuwa 1
kawmut1var. ofkamutnA handful.
kawmut2gimb.gawmut1vag mag-; pat -un. ran -an.To squeeze out (juice from something [as bitter gourd, raw strips of papaya, or fresh grated coconut]).Subay kawmutan in paliyaꞌ sabab mapait.The bitter gourd should be squeezed out because it is bitter.Kawmuta in kiyugut lahing.Squeeze out the grated coconut.OV SYN.*pugaꞌ2vag mag-; pat -un.To pinch, scratch (someone’s face, as when fighting).Magkawmut in babai bang magkālu.Women scratch each other’s face when they fight.
kawnvTV ag mag-. mawn; goal -un.To go to a place (somewhat near the hearer).Mawn mān kami pa bāy niyu gana-gana.We’ll go there to your house after awhile.Kawn na kamu pa lamisahan.Go there to the table near you.Kawnun kamu sin manga mundu.Outlaws will go there to you.vCV pat hi-; goal -an.To bring something to the hearer.Hikawn ku mawn kaymu in hūg sin sīn mu.I’ll bring there to you the change from your money.Hisiyu in kawnan ku sin sīn ini?To whom should I give this money?OV SYN.dihilbutangCf.madtukadtumari (with -um-);kari
kawsunadjBrown color.Bīhi kita tanud kawsun.Buy me brown thread.OV SYN.sakulati 1
kawtkutnMange, skin disease (of both animals and people).8: DiseasesvST pat -un.Does not occur with pa₂.To be affected with mange or skin disease.Ayaw kaw magdaig ha tau kawtkutan, bat kaw diꞌ kawtkutun.Don’t be near a person with mange so that you will not be affected by mange.adjkawtkutanInfected with mange or skin disease.Mangatul sadja in tau kawtkutan.A person infected with mange is always scratching.OV SYN.kayskiskākas
kayrelAnd (joins a pl. topic pronoun with the name of one of the persons included in that pl. topic).Madtu kami kay Anang pa Parang.Anang and I are going to Parang.Duwa sila kay Judson in miyadtu.Judson and he went.OV SYN.iban 1
kayꞌmanadjFifty.Kayꞌman in hangtungaꞌ sin hanggatus.Fifty is half of one hundred.umbul
kayanEnergy, force, vigor, strength; wealth, riches, means.In tau nasasakit way kaya niya.The man who is ill has no strength.In tau way kaya mahunit makapaiskul anak.A man who has no wealth can hardly send his children to school.vpat -un.To have energy, force, vigor, strength; have resources, available wealth, or means.Bang kaw hiyahapus diꞌ na kaw kayahun maghinang.If you are tired you won’t have enough energy to keep working.OV SYN.kusug 1daya
kayapuꞌnWater lettuce.Mataud tuud kayapuꞌ ha tigbaw.There is so much water lettuce at Kiram Spring.
kayawannSpiny bamboo.Hipaglantay ku sin bāy ku in kayawan ini.I’ll use this spiny bamboo for the flooring of my house.Bambusa spinosa roxb.
kaybaꞌnBreaking of silence, start of talking or moving (used only with negation).Way kaybaꞌ sin bataꞌ ini dayn kaina.This child has been silent since earlier today.vag mag-, -um-.To break the silence, start talking, act (usu. used with negation).Ayaw kaw magkaybaꞌ.Be silent.Halliꞌ kaw ha tau diꞌ magkaybaꞌ.Beware of a silent person.Diꞌ sa yan magkaybaꞌ minsan pamungmungan sin tau.She won’t say a word even if someone scolds her.Maytaꞌ kaw diꞌ magkaybaꞌ?Why don’t you talk?OV SYN.hibukbahittuk
kaykitadjTricky; selfish, stingy.In tau kaykit māhang magsarakka.A stingy person seldom gives alms.nkaykitanA trickster, cheat; selfish person.Ayaw kaw magꞌagad ha tau yan sabab kaykitan.Don’t go with that man because he is a cheat.vag mag-; ran -an.To defraud, cheat (someone, as in a game).Ayaw kaw magkaykit bat ta kaw diꞌ bagahun.Don’t cheat or else I’ll slap you.Kiyaykitan niya aku.He cheated me.OV SYN.ikutpaysiꞌ
kaymupron(Second person sg. oblique pronoun) yours, to you, for you.Kaymu in panyuꞌ ini?Is this handkerchief yours?Hisiyu in nagdihil kaymu?Who gave it to you?
kayskisnA general term for skin disease, characterized by rough spots on and itchiness of the skin.Mataud kayskis ha taykud mu.There are lots of rough spots on your back.OV SYN.kākaskulapugud8: Diseases
kaytnA safety pin.Natugsuk in lima ku sin kayt.The safety pin pricked my hand.vag mag-; ran -an.To pin (something) with a safety pin.Kayti in saya mu.Pin your skirt with a safety pin.
kaytannA shark (generic).Nakakitaꞌ na aku kaytan putiꞌ.I have seen a white shark.2: Fish and Swimming Marine Creatures
kāyunFire.Malagguꞌ tuud in kāyu ha basura siyunug yaun.The fire at the burned garbage is very big.vact/pat mag-, -um-; ran -an.To burst into flame (mag-), explode or blast (as of gunfire, dynamite, or explosive [-um-]).Way kimāyu in timbak istaꞌ.The dynamite didn’t explode.Kamayaꞌ kaw kāyuhan kaw sin timbak istaꞌ.Be careful, you will be exploded on by the dynamite.OV SYN.lagabaga1
kayugnThinness, slenderness, leanness.Nakalanduꞌ in kayug sin manga bataꞌ ha Negros.The thinness of the children in Negros is too much.adjmakayug(Of animate objects) skinny, scrawny, lanky, slim.Dagbus makayug siya ha badjuꞌ niya.She looks skinny in her dress.vact/pat mag-, -um-.To become thinner.Magkakayug kaw yan. Pagpakitaꞌ kaw ha duktul.You’re becoming thinner. Better see a doctor.Makakayug in magjaga.Having a vigil can cause one to become thin.OV SYN.kagkag
kibadvpat ma-.To be fascinated, lured, tempted.Diꞌ makibad in atay niya ha manga nagpangūg kaniya.Her heart won’t be tempted by those who admire her.Makakibad pangatayan in lingkat sin babai ini.The beauty of this girl fascinates the heart.
kibaknA depressed scar or pit on the skin (as that resulting from a wound or disease), a hairless part of the scalp (such as is left after trimming or shaving off the hair), a pit or hole (in fruits, vegetables, playing marbles, cement walls, etc.).Awn kibak niya ha bitis.He has a depressed scar on his leg.vipat ma-.(For the skin) to get a depressed scar or become marked with pits, (for a part of the scalp) to become hairless, (for fruits, vegetables, marbles, walls, etc.) to develop a pit or hole.Makibak in kapaya yan bang mu pīpisul sadja.That papaya will develop a hole if you keep on pressing it.Nakibak in bayhuꞌ niya sin ampugud.His face was pitted by pimples.vtag mag-; ran -an, -un.No difference in meaning between -un and -an.To trim or shave off (some hair, thus showing the scalp) make a pit or hole on (something, such as fruits or vegetables).Subay kibakun bat kaubatan in paliꞌ.Some hair should be shaved off in order to medicine the wound.OV SYN.kibanglubanglubbak
kibangnA pit or hole (in fruits or vegetables caused by biting or scratching of people or animals).Awn kibang sin mampallam yan.That mango has holes.vag -um-; pat -un.To pit, bite, or bruise (fruit or vegetables).Kumibang aku mampallam mu Indaꞌ.I’ll bite a little of your mango, Indaꞌ.Kibangun sa yan sin kabug in manga mampallam.The mangoes will surely be pitted by bats.OV SYN.kibaklubanglubbak
kibiꞌ1adjDeformed (as of the mouth of a person), misshapen, misproportioned, unbalanced, unsymmetrical.Kibiꞌ in pistak sin pantalun.The crotch of the pants is misshapen.Kibiꞌ in simud niya.Her mouth is deformed.vipat ma-.To be or become deformed, misshapen, misproportioned, unbalanced, unsymmetrical.Nakibiꞌ in pagꞌutud sin kakanaꞌ.The cutting of the material is misproportioned.Nakibiꞌ in simud niya pagꞌubus niya nasakit.Her mouth became deformed after her sickness.OV SYN.bingkuk 1kigaꞌtimpang2vtag mag-; ran -an.To make a face (at someone) with one’s mouth (by moving the upper lip to and fro over the lower teeth [as of children quarreling]).Bang mu siya kibian tantu magkālu kamu.If you make faces at her with your mouth there will naturally be a quarrel.OV SYN.*kubiꞌ
kibitgimb.*kubutnA pinch or squeeze.Bukun masakit in kibit niya.His pinching doesn’t hurt.vag mag-, mang-; pat -un.To pinch, squeeze (something) between finger and thumb.Kibita bang diꞌ magkahagad lāngun.Pinch him if he won’t obey you.Ayaw kaw mangibit masakit.Don’t pinch, it is painful.Kibitun kaw sin mastal bang kaw malangug.You will be pinched by the teacher if you are naughty.