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kuhibalnAction, movement (see also hibal).Jiyagahan niya in katān kuhibal ku.He is watching all my movements.vag mag-; pat -un.To move, be in motion; move (something).Nagkuhibal in bata'-bata' ha lawm tiyan.The baby moves inside the womb.Di' na magkuhibal in tau nasasakit.The sick person doesn't move any more.kignut-kuhibal2comp.n(One's) actions or movements.
ka1relIndicates that the item being enumerated is considered as a unit of things--not just one item. If the preceding numeral or interrogative ends in a vowel, -ng is added to it.Connects a numeral or the interrogative word pila (how many) with the word following.Pilangka tuhug ista' in binī mu?How many strings of fish did you buy?Duwangka sipi' sayng in binī ku ha tabu'.I bought two hands of bananas at the market.
ka2advInterrogative euphonic particle (not obligatory).Awn da ka sīn mu yan?Do you have some money?
ka-3partpfxNominalizer indicating the manner of doing an action (i.e., how the action was, is, or will be done).Biya'diin in kakadtu niya?How did he get there? (lit. How was his getting there?).
ka-4partpfxMarker of an involuntary action; marker of an action that is potentially do-able.Makakadtu sila mahapun ini.They can go there this afternoon.Karungugan sa kitaniyu bang kamu mahibuk.If you are noisy we'll be heard (against our will).Kakitaan ku in būd dayn ha bāy namu'.I can see the mountain from our house.
ka-5pfx(On numerals two and above) all of (the number).Miyagad sila kaupat.All four of them came along.
ka'1unspec. var.kaka'1nA term of address for an older brother or sister.
kā'1unspec. var.kawa'1vTo get (something).
ka'nuadvWhen (referring to past time).Ka'nu kaw nakaratung?When did you arrive?ptku'nu
ka'numanadjSixty.Di' makaabut ka'numan.There aren't sixty.ptumbul
ka'patanadjForty.Nakarungug kaw sin isturi ha pasal sin Ali Baba iban sin ka'patan sugarul?Have you heard the story about Ali Baba and the forty thieves?ptumbul
KaabanThe sacred Muslim shrine at Mecca (toward which believers turn when praying).It contains a black stone believed to have been given to Abraham by the angel Gabriel.
kaagi1der. ofagi
kaagi21nWay, means, method.Biya' diin in kaagi sin pagparayaw sin hula' bang bukun tayakkup in manga tau?What will the way of improving our country be like if the people are not united? (i.e., How will our country be improved if...).Biya' ha ini in kaagi sin paglugat nila kahapun.This is the way they argued yesterday.In kaagi niyu maghindu' subay mahantap.The way you teach should be clear.Biya'diin in kaagi ta madtu?By what means can we go there?2nWay of treating (someone).Bang marayaw in kaagi mu kanila di' sila mīg.If your way of treating them had been good they would not have left.
kaalimatahanunspec. var.alimatavTo notice (something).
kaamulahinThe essential or inborn character (of something), inherent tendencies of a person, nature.In kaamulahi sin tau yan asal landu' ikutan.By nature that man is a niggard.Amu na in kaamulahi sin rusas yan magdāg pa taas.The nature of those roses is to climb up.ptkariasali
kaatvact mag-.Does not occur with pa2.(For a person) to go wrong, (for someone's behavior) to become bad, do things that are considered bad.Magkaat sayan in manga anak mu bang mu pasāran.Your children will go wrong if you neglect them.Ayaw kaw magkaat bang aku wala' dī.Don't do bad things when I'm not here.adjkaat(Of a person or his behavior) bad (also kiyaat).
kaba'-kaba'A butterfly.Masūb in kaba'-kaba' magtapu' ha sumping.Butterflies are fond of landing on flowers.1
kabagadj(Of a person's ears) large and protruding.Bang ha timpu nakauna hikalingkat in kabag taynga.In the olden times large and protruding ears were considered beautiful.
kaban1nA sacred book.Bang bukun bunnal ayaw sumapa ha kaban.If you are not telling the truth do not swear on the sacred book.over-synKuraan
kaban2nA closed coffin.In mayat sin bisaya' hipagbutang ha kaban, sa' in ha Muslim hibutang ha lalungan.A Christian corpse is placed in a closed coffin but among Muslims it is placed in an open coffin.over-synlalungan
kabangadjSpotted, piebald (of animals, fish, material, etc.).Kabang in kura' nabī niya.The horse he bought is piebald.over-synsalu'lintikanbuttikan
kabasārannThe greatness, will, or power (of God).Ha lawm kita sin kabasāran sin Tuhan.We are within God's power will.ptkawasa
kābatvag mang-.To start to walk (as of a baby).Manga walu bulan mangābat na in bata'-bata'.At about eight months a baby will start to walk.over-synpanaw nkābatanA wooden device for keeping a small child who can't walk yet from falling over.synandadul
kābawnA carabao.4