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harap1nFront, frontage, foreground; the direction towards which the face is turned or which something is facing toward.Himundung in tarak ha harap sin bāy nila.The truck stopped in front of their house.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To face, to go in a direction, to entertain someone, to attend someone or something.Harap kaw mari kāku'.You face me.Harap siya pakain?In which direction did she go?Harapa in manga bisita mu.Entertain your visitors.Di' ku maharap in iskul ku sin taud sin hinang ha upis.I can hardly attend to my school work due to the pressure of my office work.synalup balharap2der.1vTo *come *face *to *face with someone (esp. *in *settling some *trouble, dispute or intricate matters).2nThe genitals (of either male or female).Kamaya' kaw kugdanan in harapan mu sin sipa' niya.Be careful; your genitals might be hit by his kick.
hapart(Locative noun phrase marker) at, in, on, with.Yadtu siya ha upis.He is at the office.
ha lawmanunspec. var.lawm 1.2Under (someone's) roof, in (someone's) care, protection, support and guidance.
ha'bunvAR ag mag-, -um-, mang-; ran -an.To waylay, ambush (someone).Mangha'bun kami kuntara ha kabakkawan.We will ambush our enemy at the place where there are many mangrove trees.Hiya'bunan sin manga mundu in manga sundalu.The outlaws ambushed the soldiers.pthapa'
ha'gutvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To strip (abaca fiber).Ha'gutun ku in lanut mahapun ini.I'll strip abaca this afternoon.npaghaha'gutA device for stripping abaca fiber.Matanam tuud in paghahagu'tan niya lanut.His device for stripping abaca fiber is very easy to work with.
ha'lu1unspec. var.hallu1nA pestle (esp. for pounding rice).
haatay2vag mag-; pat -un.To take (something) to heart, consider (something) seriously.Haataya da in hinang mu.Consider your work seriously.
haba'1nLength (of an object).In haba' sin bāy, ka'numan siki.The length of the house is sixty feet.adjmahaba'Long.vST pat mag-, -um-.(For something) to become longer.Bang lumugay humaba' da in buhuk mu.In time your hair will become long.Pahabaun ku in buhuk ku.I'll let my hair get long.ptlanjang taas 2nLength (of time).adjmahaba'Long, lengthy.Mahaba' in himumungan sin mayul.The mayor gave a lengthy speech.nkatihabaanThe entirety of or the whole of (a period of time).Nag'uusaha siya katihabaan adlaw.He is earning a living the entire day.Way siya nakapagkalu katihabaan sin umul niya.He has never quarreled in his whole life.
haba' dila'2adj(Idiom) Talkative.In tau haba' dila' mahumu makabaak lingug.A talkative person often gets into trouble.
habagatnWind from the west-southwest, southwest monsoon (hitting Jolo usu. from June through September).In hangin habagat huyup dayn ha sadlupan.The southwest monsoon blows from the west.pthangin
habalnNews.Biyutang ha katas habal awn badju.It is published in the newspaper that there is a typhoon.Diyungug ku in habal ha radyu.I heard the news over the radio.vag mag-.To give news or information.Hisiyu in naghabal kaymu?Who gave you the news?ptbayta' suysuy
habasnA sore (in an inaccessible place on the body, as between the toes, behind the ears, or between the legs); athlete's foot; fungus.Taga habas in ūt gulamay niya.He has a sore in between his fingers.vpat -un.To be or become afflicted with such a disease.Habasun kaw bang kaw di' magpamaygu'.You will be afflicted with a fungus if you don't take a bath.
habay-habaynA kind of amulet (believed to make the one wearing it invulnerable against bullets or other deadly weapons).Dāha in habay-habay mu bang kaw pa pagbunuan.Take your amulet with you when you go to battle.genhampanvag mag-; ran -an.To wear such an amulet (in order to be invulnerable against bullets).ptanting-anting manik adjimatpapakanbuku hampan
habhab2fr. var.ab'ab2vTo eat or drink voraciously.
habibnA title given to a salip who has made the pilgrimage to Mecca.
hablu'nSoftness (of mud).Bihaini da in hablu' sin pisak didtu ha kāmu'.The softness of the mud at our place is also like this.adjmahablu'Marshy and deep, miry.Mahablu' in pisak.The mud is miry.ptpisak
hablunnA loom.Bakas na aku nakakita' papagan sin hablun.I once saw the parts of a loom.vCH 2 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To weave (something on a loom).Hablunun ku in sutla' pīs.I'll weave the thread into a scarf.adjhiyablunWoven (materials).Mahalga' in kakana' hiyablun.Woven materials are expensive.
habugnBroadness, breadth (of cloth only).Duwangka-mitru in habug sin tadjung hi ina'.The breadth of mother's sarong is two meters.adjmahabug(Of cloth) broad, double-width.Mahabug in kakana' ini.This cloth is double-width.ptablang
habulnA (general-purpose) sarong.Marakmul iban mahaba' in habul siyusulug niya.The sarong that she is wearing is thick and long.vag mag-; pat -un; ran/ben -an.To cover or clothe (someone) with a sarong, wrap (someone) in a sarong.Habuli in bata'-bata' yan.Wrap your baby in this sarong.ptampi' over-synmanta siub tapis tadjung
hād1nA period of time given (as for payment, submission of reports, surrender of unlicensed firearms, etc.).Dihilan sila hād magbayad sampay kunsūm.They're given the time to pay till tomorrow.vag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To provide a period of time, set a deadline (for something) or a limit (on something).Di' siya magpanghād magbissara.She does not put limits on what she says (i.e., speaks without reservation).Hāran ta kaw magbayad sin utang mu kāku'.I'll set you a period of time to pay me your*jangka' 2vpat -un.To give (someone) mercy (used only with negative di'); to hesitate to harm (someone).Di' sa kaw yan niya hārun bang siya dugalan.He won't hesitate to harm you if he's angry.
hadasnImpurity, dirt, filth that renders one's prayer not valid.There are two kinds. Hadas asibi' can be removed by merely washing it with water (as human filth, mud, dung, and the like). Hadas dakula' can be *removed only *by taking a *bath, usu. with the utterance of some verse (as after menstruation, after a copulation, or after giving birth to a child).Hadas in atay niya hangkan way pahala' in sambahayang niya.His heart is full of impurity that is why his prayers were unanswered.Di' makasambahayang in tau bang awn hadas ha baran niya.A man can't pray if he has any dirt on his body.Naghugas sadja siya lima sabab hadas asibi' da in nakalummi' kaniya.He just washed his hands because it was dirt removable by washing that got him dirty.ptlummi'
haddamnA guard.Duwa in haddam sin Dayang-Dayang.The princess has two guards.ptjaga rarerare
haddarat1fr. var.hagdarat1n(In) the presence (of God).